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Priest Preference : Hindi

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  • Swastivachanam
  • Maha Sankalp
  • Gauri Ganesh Puja
  • Punyaha Vachanam
  • Chudakaran Puja
  • Poornahuti, Aarti & Prasad Distribution

Chudakarana is the Sanskrit word for Mundan or the first hair-cut of the baby. This is a ritualistic practice followed by most Hindus, where parents are very particular about performing this act with all the regular norms. This sanskara is performed typically during the first or third year of age when the child’s original, first hair growth is shaved, frequently leaving only the shikha on the top back of the head.

It is believed that hair on the body is a continuation of the past life, its bad traits that are undesirable for the well-being of the current birth. So Mundan is performed to do away or reduce the impact of those undesirable traits.

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