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  • Swasti Vachan
  • Gauri Ganesh Puja
  • Kalash Navgraha Puja
  • Namkaran Puja
  • Havan
  • Prasad Distribution

Namkaran Puja is the naming ceremony of a newborn baby. It is performed to formally keep the child’s name as per the starting word of the name suggested by panditji based on the Nakshatra of the baby.  Namkaran Puja is a ritual of providing Samskaras to the child, which is considered to be of utmost importance in shaping the character and upbringing of a child.

This ceremony is usually performed on the 11th day, In case the ceremony could not be performed on that day then it must be done after three months or on the baby’s first birthday.

The ceremony is performed by panditji starting with Gauri Ganesh Puja, Kalash Puja,  Punyaha Vachanam, Namakaran is done by whispering the child’s name in the right ear and chanting of vedic mantras and a havan is performed for the graha shanti of the baby,

When to Perform Namkaran Puja?

Namkaran Puja or naming ceremony is usually performed on the 11th day after the birth of the baby as per the Muhurth suggested by panditji.

Benefits of Namkaran Puja :

  • The official name is required for identification of an individual and also during sankalp purposes.
  • Grah Shanti is performed for getting rid of grah dosh.

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