Bhoomi Puja

Puja Perform In : Delhi
Priest Preference : Hindi

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  • Swasti vachanam
  • Maha Sankalp
  • Ganapathi Puja
  • Punyaha Vachanam
  • Bhoomi Pujan
  • Aarti & Prasad Distribution

Bhoomi Puja is performed to appease Mother Earth or Bhoomi Mata. Bhoomi Mata is the most revered among the five elements as no life can exist and survive without her. We perform Puja at the start of any construction in order to seek permission and blessings from Mother Earth and to remove the negativity or vastu dosh of the place.

This puja is performed by invoking Bhoomi Mata followed by chanting mantras of Mother Earth and then performing the puja to receive her blessings.

When to Perform Bhoomi Puja?

The date for performing the puja is fixed using the Vaastu time which comes maximum twice in a month.

Benefits of Bhoomi Puja:

  • Performing this puja removes the negative energies and invokes positive energies in the place where the construction is happening.
  • Ensures that the construction of the building goes smoothly and prevents untimely incidents.
  • Bhoomi puja ensures blessings and protection from Mother Earth for the well-being of the occupants who will move into the building.
  • Bhoomi puja mitigates and removes Vastu Dosha present in the construction site.

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